hCG Diet & Weight Loss Program

If you’re struggling to lose 10 pounds or more and especially if you want to lose central body fat where it tends to collect—think ‘beer belly’ the hCG Diet & Weight Loss Program may be for you. The excess fat you find yourself struggling with is known as visceral fat which lies under the muscles and can’t be reached by traditional body sculpting methods such as liposuction or CoolSculpting. hCG hormones cause the hypothalamus to mobilize fat out of fat storage so it’s available for use.

How much weight is lost?

hCG dieters lose an average of 4 to7 pounds per week while following a  strict diet protocol. The hCG diet calls for a daily caloric intake of 500 calories but as the hypothalamus continually releases fat stores, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. As your body burns these excess calories, weight loss occurs. 500 calories may not sound like much but you’re actually getting the nutrition of a 2000-calorie a day diet.

What is hCG?

hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women and which almost completely controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout pregnancy.

NOTE: The hCG used in the hCG diet protocols is a variation of the form used for fertility treatments and is given in much smaller doses. The hCG we use for medical purposes is created in laboratories from sterile cells and is not extracted from women or animal urine.

Men will not develop female characteristics, such as ‘man boobs’ from the hCG diet; in fact, it stimulates more testosterone production in men and is highly specific to men’s health needs.

The hCG Protocol

Dr. A. T. W. Simeons first introduced his weight loss program in the 1950’s, but it did not gain acceptance in America until decades later. As a result of his research, today many Americans are aware of his diet.

We have all dieted again and again or tried countless fat-melting workouts. Sometimes we see results and sometimes we go for weeks without the loss of a single pound. Sound familiar? The good news is that it’s not your willpower or motivation at fault. An area in your brain called the diencephalon, in combination with your hypothalamus, is responsible for stubborn fat stores. Dr. Simeon’s research was the first to suggest a link between hormones, obesity, and the weight regulatory center in our brain.

Dr. Simeons discovered that by using bio-identical hormones, which exist naturally in the body, in combination with a very-low-calorie-diet (VLCD) extra fat deposits would be forced into the bloodstream and burned as energy.

The end result is that problem-fat storage areas such as the belly, buttocks, love handles and thighs begin to shrink.

What Benefits does the hCG Diet offer?

hCG has many health and wellness benefits. Many of our dieting patients who have diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol see a significant improvement in these chronic medical conditions as they lose weight.

Many dieters have tried many other diets with limited success most often regaining the lost weight within months after discontinuing it. We have seen these same patients report losing fat from areas of their body that they have never been able to lose from before, while having more energy and less hunger than with other VLCDs. With rapid weight loss you normally experience loss in muscle and not fat, which can result in sagging or loose skin. However, with this diet you will maintain your muscle mass and lose only fat.

Dr. Zakany’s hCG Program

In our clinic we closely follow Dr. Simeons’ original protocol which uses daily pharmaceutical-grade hormone injections, along with a low-carbohydrate calorie-restricted diet. Other clinics might recommend ‘easier’ forms of hormone administration such as oral drops, nasal sprays, or creams and gels absorbed through the skin. The truth is that unless hCG is injected, the amount actually getting into the body can vary up to 400% from one individual to another.

Dr. Zakany’s Program includes:

  • Office visit and explanation of the program, risks, benefits and costs
  • A supply of hormone, syringes and needles
  • Training in the self-administration of the daily injections
  • Orientation and description of the specific 500-calorie diet
  • Weekly visits to check current weight and access progress
  • A comprehensive Weight Management and Nutrition Manual to help you maintain your weight loss after the diet, if requested.
  • A copy of Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity

hCG Results

Patients who commit to either a three- or six-week diet program will see typical weight loss of 5 pounds per week. A maintenance diet is then recommended for a few weeks to help fully reset the “appetite control center” in the hypothalamus. After a period of at least 4 weeks, a second hCG Diet & Weight Loss Program can be started if greater weight loss is desired.

We don’t guarantee the results as they are highly dependent on the patient’s compliance and adhering to the strict protocols the diet calls for in order to achieve optimal success.

This program has helped thousands of people lose weight they never thought they could lose. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Zakany and learn more about the hCG Diet & Weight Loss Program as well as the cost.

Our hCG Diet & Weight Loss Program is available to current and new patients who have been evaluated by Dr. Zakany. Your age, gender and past medical history may determine that certain blood tests are necessary prior to participating in this diet.

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