Anti-aging; for some of us that’s a word we don’t like to hear as it calls to mind that we’re no longer 20 or 30 and we aren’t always able to do what we once enjoyed. Maybe you’re not as fast, or as strong, or can’t keep up with the younger guys. This may be due in part to the changes in hormone levels that naturally occur with the aging process. Men generally experience a reduction in testosterone and human growth hormone around the age of 25.

There are limitations men face when trying to find solutions from a primary care provider whose care is often handcuffed by insurance. A man will visit his doctor complaining of loss of muscle strength, a flagging or non-existent libido, a gain in central body fat, low energy levels—all of which are generally associated with low hormone levels. The doctor tests your hormone levels and reports that your testosterone level is at 400 ng/dl which falls within the normal range which is loosely defined as what 90% of men fall into, so the range is huge and depending on the lab it is somewhere around 250 to 1000 ng/dl.  You’ll leave with a prescription for a little pill, and sadly, the primary cause of the problem—declining testosterone levels—has not even been addressed. While the pill may temporarily fix a flaccid erection, it does nothing to address the effects that low testosterone levels have on moods, memory, strength or energy.

It’s my goal to see your testosterone levels in the upper part of the normal range which is around 800-1000 ng/dl. Optimizing hormones results in more energy, an increase in muscle mass and as testosterone levels peak, you’ll find your sex life and intimacy with your partner returns.

Live. Your. Life.

Don’t let age run your life. Choose your path and create the happiness you deserve!

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